Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holy Jalapeno Pickles!

     If you know me at all, you know about my extreme love for pickles! Since I was a young girl, I have always had a slight obsession with pickles and anything pickle flavored! In fact, my sisters and I use to  share a celebratory pickle juice drinking at every family barbeque! So, last night, I decided to make some spicy whole pickles. I remember trying them once at my Aunt Fudge's house in Texas and not liking them. (Aunt Fudge and Uncle Pete always had a huge jar of them laying around.) I was a kid at the time, so they were probably a little too spicy for me! What was I thinking? So, I've decided to try them again, as an adult! On a late night Winn-Dixie run last night, I grabbed the necessary items:


     This is my first time buying the "Giant" jar of pickles that I've been coveting for so long. Man, am I one happy girl!

Me and my "pickle baby"

     First of all, I had to have the hubby open the jar. Clearly, his muscles work a lot better than mine do!!

     Next I had to pour some pickle juice into another jar of pickles to make some room for the jalapenos. NOT DOWN THE DRAIN! Who in their right mind would waste the precious juice??

     After making some room, add the whole bottle of jalapenos. I had to take out 4 of the pickles and used a fork to push the jalapenos to the bottom of the jar! 

     Then, I added the master of all creole spices that every respectable cajun would own....

If you're from Louisiana, you eat this on practically everything!

     I put them in the fridge to soak and I suspect that they should be ready to eat when I get home from work! I can't wait to try one! Justin complained that I was "wasting" the jalapenos, but I assured him that the pickle flavored jalapenos would be eaten-whether I had to find a way to incorporate them into a recipe or just eat them with a fork! Besides, the Spicy Pickles are gonna be SOOOOOOOO worth it! I'm sure he'll agree!