Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cool Kid

     As I'm sitting here at work, I am thinking about all the things that I could be doing if I wasn't working this weekend. The list is pretty extensive and the thought of trying to find the time to cross off the things on my "To Do" list makes me cringe.
    *Sigh* maybe I'll get some of it done today.

    One of Justin's buddies came into town last night from Tampa. He's gonna be hanging out for the weekend since he hasn't seen Justin in a while. So, tonight they're going to go watch the UFC fight with another mutual friend and have some man-time. It's cool, I know that Justin misses him a lot so I don't mind hangin out with the pup at the house by myself again (Justin went to the Magic game with a different friend last night).
    I've been trying out this new thing called Independence. It sounds silly, but it's really hard for me. Growing up, I always had a lot of people surrounding me. I have 2 sisters and parents who always made sure to have plenty of family time with us. We went on family vacations multiple times out of the year and always had cousins over to play with. So..... THAT BEING SAID...I've always had a hard time being alone. But, I'm trying hard to be more independent and making Justin feel like he's allowed to have "Guy-time" without repercussions.  Besides, Lily Pup and I know how to party without "Daddy" around.

                                               Don't let her fool you, she's a party animal!

            In other news, I watched "The Experiment" last night which I definitely recommend seeing. From what I understand, it's based on a true-story which just makes it that much more insane. The plot is about 26 men that are chosen to be guinea pigs for a psychology experiment  where they basically pretend to be prison guards and inmates. Lets just say that things get out of control quickly. I love these kinda of movies however, my nails, or rather my thumb nails, don't seem to share my thought. EVERY single time that I watch a thriller or suspense movie, I end up chewing the heck out of my thumb nails-and only my thumb nails. I guess I'll be filing down the rest of my nails now! Thanks Adrien Brody!!

         A big event is happening today!..... I am FINALLY getting an Iphone!! Whoo Hoo! I can't freakin believe it! We had been putting it off for a really long time cause I was waiting for the Iphone 4s to come out so that the Iphone 4 price would drop. Well, I'm finally taking the plunge into the world that is Iphone land. The downside? I am phone-less today at work while Justin goes to AT&T and I feel so naked! But it'll be so worth it to be one of the cool kids!

     So, before I peace out for today.... I leave you with this: If you consider yourself a fashionista, you should check out my sis-in-laws blog:

    If  you love it, which you will, go HERE and vote for her blog to win an award!

 Happy Weekend!


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  1. YAY!!! You're finally getting an Iphone!!!! WELCOME darling, WELCOME! :) I love your blog! This is so you! Keep it up! :)

    Miss you!